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I’ll take ‘Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets’ for $500, Alex.

I own a donut maker. When I tell people this, my follow up is that it makes cake donuts, not fried ones. Picture a waffle iron, only instead of the waffle shape, there’s a lot of little donut shapes. Despite … Continue reading

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The Transitive Properties of Peanut Butter and Mint

One of my friends mentioned that his ideal ice cream would be chocolate with peanut butter and mint, but I wasn’t convinced. I know that if A=B and A=C then B=C. But I wasn’t so sure it would work for … Continue reading

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Coolhaus and the Problem with Ice Cream Sandwiches

The problem with ice cream sandwiches is incredibly obvious. They melt all over you; the level of gourmet-ness of the ice cream irrelevant. Which is not to say leaving the office to discover the Coolhaus Ice Cream truck parked out … Continue reading

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Birthday Maple Bacon Ice Cream

A little over a month ago, I had a birthday. And for that birthday, I had a brunch party. And for that brunch party, I did something I’ve been talking about since I started this blog. I made bacon ice … Continue reading

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Talking About Cherries on a Bus

Traditionally, leaving on a bus is less exciting than leaving on a jetplane, if only because leaving on a jetplane comes with its own theme music. But today, the bus comes with an outlet and surprisingly well-functioning wireless interent. So, … Continue reading

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Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream: The Holiest of Desserts

When we last left off, I was in the throes of making non-dairy Chocolate Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream. The cookie part was done and we were getting ready to dive into ice cream. Non-Dairy Chocolate (and Banana) Ice Cream With … Continue reading

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Avocado Ooze

Like any good child of the 90’s, I knew Michelangelo as a Ninja Turtle before I knew of him as an artist. So when I made avocado ice cream, I couldn’t help but think that if some of it were … Continue reading

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