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Where the heck did Carly go?

I’ll give you a couple of hints. I was in London for ten days at the end of April. And like on every good vacation, I had ice cream. There’s nothing else in this picture to act as a comparison, … Continue reading

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Hello 2013!

I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing here. “You abandoned us sometime in 2011,” you’re saying. Or possibly “I didn’t even notice you were gone.” Which works out nicely, because I’m back. Since we spoke, I: moved (into a studio, … Continue reading

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The next best think to moving into Powell’s Book Store

Has it past the point where I can still get away with gushing about my epic vacation? Yes? Well, too bad. It has been the longest week leading up to this three-day weekend, so I’m going to reminisce by introducing … Continue reading

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Homemade Cookie Mix in a Jar (vs. the USPS)

On vacation, I stayed with a few friends in different cities. When I came back, I wanted to send them something as a thank you. Enter cookie mix in a jar: The jars are 1 liter jars from Sur la … Continue reading

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Humphry Slocombe and a Vacation of Epic Proportions

Normally, when I disappear from blogging, it’s just because I’m lazy. But this time, I have a far more interesting story! I was on an epic West Coast vacation for two weeks. I started in Seattle (or well, actually Everett), … Continue reading

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