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Lazy Blogging and Schweddy Balls Ice Cream Press Release to the Rescue

I was going to blog over labor day weekend, but I was away at my parent’s internet-less and ice cream-less vacation condo. I was going to blog on Tuesday, but Daria: The Full Animated Series came in the mail. I … Continue reading

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Avocado Ooze

Like any good child of the 90’s, I knew Michelangelo as a Ninja Turtle before I knew of him as an artist. So when I made avocado ice cream, I couldn’t help but think that if some of it were … Continue reading

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Kitchen: UPGRADE! Guinness Ice Cream: UPGRADE!

You’d think it would be easy to find a video on youtube of the personalities on Best Week Ever declaring things “UPGRADE!” You’d be wrong. But I’m moved into my new apartment. And it totally deserves a bunch of comedians … Continue reading

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Fondue & White Collar: Non-Ice Cream Deliciousness

Sometime, delicious days have nothing to do with ice-cream consumption. A week ago Tuesday after work, I went out for fondue with some awesome co-workers at The Bourgeois Pig. And while no ice-cream was involved, it was super yummy. Pictured … Continue reading

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