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Lazy Blogging and Schweddy Balls Ice Cream Press Release to the Rescue

I was going to blog over labor day weekend, but I was away at my parent’s internet-less and ice cream-less vacation condo. I was going to blog on Tuesday, but Daria: The Full Animated Series came in the mail. I … Continue reading

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Brain Freeze at New Amsterdam Market

Two weekends ago, I went to an Ice Cream Fundraiser for the New Amsterdam Market. Entry came with eight tasting tickets. I went with three friends. And despite the tastings being adorably tiny, we shared all of them. Using my … Continue reading

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Surprise! Whole Foods Ice Cream Samples

I was buying an assortment of expensive, organic fruit from Whole Foods when I came across a heretofore unexperienced delight: free samples of Steve’s ice cream.   I don’t like coffee, and I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate, so … Continue reading

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