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Late Breaking News: Dough Rises

I made pretzels. I followed this recipe here. And even though intellectually I know that bread rises, it was a shock. It was such a shock I had to make a second batch to take pictures, because I forgot the … Continue reading

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The Boozy Baker Cookbook

I got The Boozy Baker Cookbook from my brother for the holidays and promptly set off to make ALL the boozy baked goods. I started with Old Fashioned Snickerdoodles, and then made Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies, with raspberry lambic, for my … Continue reading

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The Difficulty with Non-Dairy Desserts: A Rainbow Cookie Story

Every Jewish kid knows that there’s only two and a half edible desserts in the average kosher cookie platter. Photo from here. It is shocking the number of Christmas Cookie platters that turn up when specifically googling for “Jewish Cookie … Continue reading

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Brain Freeze at New Amsterdam Market

Two weekends ago, I went to an Ice Cream Fundraiser for the New Amsterdam Market. Entry came with eight tasting tickets. I went with three friends. And despite the tastings being adorably tiny, we shared all of them. Using my … Continue reading

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Meatball-a-Palooza at The Meatball Shop

For a restaurant that I didn’t know existed a little over a month ago, I’ve now eaten at The Meatball Shop a lot (whereby a lot means three times). And, while I’m predisposed to love any restaurant that serves two … Continue reading

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A Plethora of Picnics

What constitutes a plethora of picnics? How does three in one (Memorial Day) weekend sound? And at each picnic I went to, the first question I was asked was “did you bring ice cream?” A note: ice cream doesn’t hold … Continue reading

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Fondue & White Collar: Non-Ice Cream Deliciousness

Sometime, delicious days have nothing to do with ice-cream consumption. A week ago Tuesday after work, I went out for fondue with some awesome co-workers at The Bourgeois Pig. And while no ice-cream was involved, it was super yummy. Pictured … Continue reading

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