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Apartment Update and Foam Core Project Fail

The truth of this blog is that the number one post based on stats is about postcard art. I want to give the people what they want and talk more about my apartment. But my latest project, the chalkboard fireplace, … Continue reading

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Hello 2013!

I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing here. “You abandoned us sometime in 2011,” you’re saying. Or possibly “I didn’t even notice you were gone.” Which works out nicely, because I’m back. Since we spoke, I: moved (into a studio, … Continue reading

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Happy One Year Blog-iversary

This is what one year of ice cream blogging looks like: Scenes from my freezer: Perpetually foisting left-over ice cream on co-workers in meetings:   Booze I own solely to make ice cream with: And it didn’t occur to me … Continue reading

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The next best think to moving into Powell’s Book Store

Has it past the point where I can still get away with gushing about my epic vacation? Yes? Well, too bad. It has been the longest week leading up to this three-day weekend, so I’m going to reminisce by introducing … Continue reading

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All Hung Up: An Apartment Update

And now, without further ado, the most impressive thing I’ve ever done: No, I’m not talking about taking this picture on my totally awesome new iPhone. I’m talking about getting the mirror and shelf finally done and up on my … Continue reading

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Pretty, Pretty Postcards

Remember back when I painted my room and I said I’d keep you updated on the rest of the decorating process? No? Oh, that’s right. That was way back in September. I’ve been moving epically slowly in getting things up … Continue reading

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She blinded me with (GELATO) science

Check out that Cookies and Cream Gelato! Or, at least I think it’s gelato. It’s an original recipe, based off of a gelato recipe, but it’s hard to say whether it’s gelato or ice cream for sure. Do you know … Continue reading

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