I’ll take ‘Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets’ for $500, Alex.

I own a donut maker. When I tell people this, my follow up is that it makes cake donuts, not fried ones. Picture a waffle iron, only instead of the waffle shape, there’s a lot of little donut shapes.



Despite this being exactly the type of ridiculous thing I’d buy for myself, I actually got it in a holiday white elephant exchange at my office. This means around the holidays, it was on sale for about $20.

It comes with a booklet of donut recipes. I’ve made the plain ones with both vanilla and chocolate icing, and around Halloween, when I was stuck home from Hurricane Sandy, I made three batches of Apple Cinnamon donuts.

My most recent donut foray was Olive Oil with Dark Chocolate Glaze and Sea Salt.

ingredients donuts donuts_chocolate donuts_chocolate_seasalt

The donut maker is easy to use, if kind of messy. And the novelty of homemade donuts never fails to wow a crowd.

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