Late Breaking News: Dough Rises

I made pretzels.


I followed this recipe here. And even though intellectually I know that bread rises, it was a shock. It was such a shock I had to make a second batch to take pictures, because I forgot the first time.



Ingredients! And before:




In progress:





When I told my mom about them, she asked for my recipe, because pretzels are difficult and take a lot of steps. I don’t know if I’d agree about the first part, but yes, there’s a lot of steps. They each were boiled on 15 seconds per side before going in the oven. That’s a lot of one-mississipis.


pretzel_paper2   pretzels

The one change I made from the original recipe was to bake them on aluminum foil instead of parchment paper. The ones I baked on parchment paper stuck to the paper, and I had to cut the bottoms off. I should have known better. I bake everything on aluminum foil. It’s magic. Nothing sticks to it.



I also made the beer cheese recipe at the same link to go with the pretzels. It was incredible. If you have a day to kill, I highly recommend them both.

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3 Responses to Late Breaking News: Dough Rises

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Oh my, this is such a lovely bake! =D

  2. meredith says:

    Oh, wow, that looks amaaaaazing! Also, I’m loving your Lambic & beer ice cream recipes. I’m pretty challenged in the baking department, but I think I could handle the ice cream! (Found you through Lauren’s blog link list, btw — really nice to meet you at Mood!)

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