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The Boozy Baker Cookbook

I got The Boozy Baker Cookbook from my brother for the holidays and promptly set off to make ALL the boozy baked goods. I started with Old Fashioned Snickerdoodles, and then made Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies, with raspberry lambic, for my … Continue reading

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Raspberry Lambic Sorbet and Jobs that Don’t Exist

Do you know what would be a fun job? Getting to name nail polish colors. They are crazy. There are already colors like adore-a-ball (very pale pink), meet me at sunset (orange), and tiny wine-ey (red). And I would call … Continue reading

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Apartment Update and Foam Core Project Fail

The truth of this blog is that the number one post based on stats is about postcard art. I want to give the people what they want and talk more about my apartment. But my latest project, the chalkboard fireplace, … Continue reading

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The Delicious Whoppers: A Tale of Chocolate Malt Ice Cream

Sometimes, when I think about it, it makes me sad that such a stupid hamburger and such a great chocolate malt candy have almost the same name. Because one is delicious and the other isn’t. Or so I assume. I … Continue reading

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