Blogger Shame: Emack & Bolio’s

I have something to admit: this blog entry has been sitting as a draft since I fell off the face of the world in 2011. So when the next sentence starts by me saying “the other day at lunch” what that really means is sometime in 2001.

The other day at lunch, I was walking around the neighborhood and saw this sign in the window of Emack & Bolio’s:


Them’s fighting words.

One of the first types of ice cream I made after getting my ice cream maker, back before I had this blog, was pumpkin. And that may have been two years ago so I no longer remember the details of it, but homemade ice cream is almost universally better than any other type of ice cream. So, I had to try it.


I’m just gonna say it: They were right. This ice cream is incredible.

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