Coolhaus and the Problem with Ice Cream Sandwiches

The problem with ice cream sandwiches is incredibly obvious. They melt all over you; the level of gourmet-ness of the ice cream irrelevant. Which is not to say leaving the office to discover the Coolhaus Ice Cream truck parked out front wasn’t the best part of one late-September day.

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck

Coolhaus Menu red velvet sandwichice cream sandwich ice cream sandwich

The ice cream sandwich I ate is the bottom left one. It’s vanilla ice cream with red velvet pieces and a maple-waffle white chocolate chip cookie. (If you click on the menu, you can open it large enough to read.) Everything was good. The cookies and ice cream lived up to one another.

But, don’t think I made the best choices. Despite the red velvet pieces, my ice cream was still mostly just vanilla. What I should have gotten was what my co-worker in the top right got — the red velvet cookie. It looks insane, as in insanely delicious. I think co-worker in the bottom right had the chocolate chocolate chip cookie with chocolate oreo ice cream.

You can also see Coolhaus’s creative way of trying to deal with the melt issue in these pictures. That paper on the sandwiches is edible. I ate it. It was fine. But, it did nothing to combat the melting or the sticky hands that come after. I wished I had been on my way back to my desk when I got it so that I could put the ice cream sandwich in a bowl and eat it with a spoon. But when life gives you ice cream, you don’t complain about it.

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