The Difficulty with Non-Dairy Desserts: A Rainbow Cookie Story

Every Jewish kid knows that there’s only two and a half edible desserts in the average kosher cookie platter.

The ChurnBKLYN Guide to Kosher Cookie Platters
Photo from here. It is shocking the number of Christmas Cookie platters that turn up when specifically googling for “Jewish Cookie Platters.”

Far and away the best is the rainbow cookie. Not actually a cookie, this is a moist, delicious cake made up of a layer of pink, a layer of green, and a layer of yellow. Between the layers is a thin shmeer of raspberry jelly. The whole outside is chocolate coated. No cookie platter contains enough of them.

Since all food occasions should be ice cream occasions, I took on the challenge of making Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream, non-dairy of course.

The first thing to know about this undertaking is that I exclusively make ice cream. Cake is so far outside my area of expertise, it’s not even funny. My trusted Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home has a recipe for cake that is specifically good for putting in ice cream. I figured I’d give it a try.

Cake Ingredients  Eggs and Sugar

Except I wanted it to be non-dairy, so I substituted the butter for margarine.

And, I didn’t have light brown sugar, so I used dark brown instead.

And, I didn’t have fine sea salt so I used coarse instead.

And, I couldn’t find cake flour so I used regular flour which I ground up in my food processor. And, I don’t have a stand mixer so I used a hand mixer.

And, I wanted three colors so instead of using a 9″ square pan, I used a loaf pan and assorted cupcake trays.

And, her recipe didn’t involve food coloring. It turns out mixing in food coloring at the end deflates the batter, loosing you all that air you just whipped into it.

Cake Batter  Yellow Cake Batter

Also, I was too heavy handed with the food coloring. So my recommendation would be to not do what I did. Instead, use whatever cake recipe you feel comfortable with and add food coloring. If I were doing this again, I might just copy and use boxed cake mix.

But, the Jewish holidays are nothing, if not about pain and suffering. So, I continued. Luckily, we’ve reached the part that I can do. Or did we?

Colored Cake  Chopped Up Cake

Stay tuned for next week’s thrilling conclusions: Rainbow Cookie Non-Dairy Ice Cream: The Holiest of Desserts.

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