Brain Freeze at New Amsterdam Market

Two weekends ago, I went to an Ice Cream Fundraiser for the New Amsterdam Market. Entry came with eight tasting tickets. I went with three friends. And despite the tastings being adorably tiny, we shared all of them. Using my powers of math, that means I had about 32 ice cream samples.

New Amsterdam Market Ice Cream Sunday

That’s a lot of ice cream.

Which is all a long way of saying I don’t remember which photos are what flavor. So enjoy the photos and my best guesses.

One of these is Honey Bourbon. One of these is something else.


Buffalo Milk ice cream tastes a lot like regular (sweet cream) ice cream.


Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate Stout ice cream. They ran out almost immediately after we got some, which was super-good timing on our part because this was incredible.


It’s my friends at Steve’s! This is the Beer Caramel Pretzel. It was probably my favorite, not for the ice cream, which was good, but because of the My Friend’s Mustard they put in the bottom of the cone, which was an inspired pairing. I can’t wait to copy them on this the next time I make a beer and pretzel ice cream.


The Bent Spoon wins for most colorful of the day, and also the wackiest flavors. The chocolate-looking on in the cone is Chocolate Cipollini. Cipollinis are onions. Shockingly, this was delicious. I have no idea what the other coned one is. In the cups, I don’t know what the white one is. I think the one in the center is Roasted Beat-Goat Cheese Lemon Basil. I know the orange-y one all the way on the right is Sweet Mary, which tasted exactly like a Bloody Mary.


Blueberry Lime and Buttermilk & Cookies.

Verbena Black Currant Swirl

And then, because that wasn’t enough, the other delicious food at New Amsterdam Market:


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