Surprise! Whole Foods Ice Cream Samples

I was buying an assortment of expensive, organic fruit from Whole Foods when I came across a heretofore unexperienced delight: free samples of Steve’s ice cream.

Steve's Sign  Strawberry Ricotta

I don’t like coffee, and I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate, so I had the Strawberry Ricotta.

Strawberry Ricotta Ice Cream

I don’t know why I don’t have strawberry ice cream more often. It was incredible. I don’t like actual strawberries, so I appreciated that there were no unwanted chunks of fruit in my ice cream. The ricotta did it’s job; the ice cream was perfectly smooth and creamy.

I generally don’t keep non-homemade ice cream in my freezer anymore, but if all of of their flavors are as good as this one, I may have to try Buttermilk & Preserves and Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla because I can never turn down a boozy ice cream.

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