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Avocado Ooze

Like any good child of the 90’s, I knew Michelangelo as a Ninja Turtle before I knew of him as an artist. So when I made avocado ice cream, I couldn’t help but think that if some of it were … Continue reading

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Caramel Corn Ice Cream

The more ice cream I make, the more I’m up for some experimenting. So while the Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry ice cream in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home sounds refreshingly delicious, in Carly-land, corn ice cream is screaming … Continue reading

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Happy One Year Blog-iversary

This is what one year of ice cream blogging looks like: Scenes from my freezer: Perpetually foisting left-over ice cream on co-workers in meetings:   Booze I own solely to make ice cream with: And it didn’t occur to me … Continue reading

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Surprise! Whole Foods Ice Cream Samples

I was buying an assortment of expensive, organic fruit from Whole Foods when I came across a heretofore unexperienced delight: free samples of Steve’s ice cream.   I don’t like coffee, and I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate, so … Continue reading

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Homogenization Powers: Go!

According to this image from Wikipedia, (Legal mumbo jumbo: This image is used under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license. The original image is Valvola_omogeneizzatrice.svg. It was modified by Aushulz.) Homogenization is taking big pieces of stuff and chopping them up … Continue reading

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