Meatball-a-Palooza at The Meatball Shop

For a restaurant that I didn’t know existed a little over a month ago, I’ve now eaten at The Meatball Shop a lot (whereby a lot means three times). And, while I’m predisposed to love any restaurant that serves two of my favorite foods (meatballs and ice cream), The Meatball Shop is great no matter how you slice it.

The Meatball ShopNaked Balls Special Ice Cream Sandwich Bite
Left: Jambalaya Special Naked Balls, Right: Ice Cream Sandwich with Fresh Mint Ice Cream with one Chocolate Chip Cookie and one Brownie Cookie

(For the record, my favorite non-ice cream foods are: meatballs, chilli, watermelon, mac and cheese, pretty much any kind of soup, and soup nuts.) 

The Meatball Shop is fun from the moment you sit down. Their menus are dry erase, and you order by checking off what you want using markers that are on jars on the table:

Meatball Shop Menu Meatball Shop Menu Checked Off

You can get any combination of balls and sauce, by itself, on salad, on heroes, or with assorted pasta-ish sides.

Meatball Sub Kitchen Sink PlateRoot Beer Float Ice Cream Sandwich

Then, there’s dessert. I would actually recommend getting the ice cream not on a sandwich. We had mint ice cream, and the cookies couldn’t stand up to the delicious, creamy freshness of the ice cream.

Otherwise, The Meatball Shop is the perfect restaurant for any occasion (well, not breakfast as they don’t open until noon). Lunch there was great, and meatball sliders are the perfect middle-of-the-night snack. And when the radio cut out in the middle of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” during late night sliders, the whole restaurant just kept singing. Meatballs with a song!

BTW, The Meatball Shop is at 84 Stanton @ Allen.
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