The next best think to moving into Powell’s Book Store

Has it past the point where I can still get away with gushing about my epic vacation?

Yes? Well, too bad. It has been the longest week leading up to this three-day weekend, so I’m going to reminisce by introducing you to the best souvenir pretty much ever:

Powell's Poster

This is what’s printed on the back of the map of Powell’s.

The frame is the Ribba from Ikea. I usually buy frames from Target, but they’re just eh, so after reading all about how much Daniel of Manhattan Nest likes these frames I figured I’d try to get one for this. I don’t know why I think going anyplace that requires a bus is more complicated than anyplace that requires a subway. But when my roommate was taking the bus to Fairway, I jumped on the chance to follow her there so I could go to Ikea without having to figure out the transportation myself.

One, taking the bus to Ikea was not difficult. And two, this frame is pretty damn awesome. For not much more than I was spending on just the frame at Target, I can get a much nicer frame that comes with the mat. I kind of want to go back and re-frame all my artwork with Ribba frames. (But I probably won’t, because I’m lazy.)

Powell's Poster Granny in Poster

I went to Powell’s at least three times in the three days I was in Portland. Like Granny, I was pondering books on important subjects, such as love, god, death and boxes (also known as just sitting in the cafe). The maps were free, so what that means is I have two extra maps.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I really don’t need more than one of these posters.

Dalek in a bookstore

If you want one, leave a comment telling me what books the Dalek is buying. If I get more than two responses, I’ll chose the two that amuse me most as the winners of the posters.

Have a great July 4th, and I’ll see you next week.

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2 Responses to The next best think to moving into Powell’s Book Store

  1. Karen says:

    The Dalek is clearly buying “Robot Dreams” by Sara Varon and “Maze Runner” by James Dashner.

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