Momofuku Milk Bar and Super Power Fail

All the people in my project team at work have developed the super power of sort-of making things they mention in e-mails come true*.

My co-worker sent out a meeting invite promising pie and fruit punch. And lo and behold, when we got to the conference room, their was left over juice from an earlier catered meeting. No pie though, hence the “sort-of.”

So, when it was over 90 degrees for several days in New York, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to finally get some real Cereal Milk (TM) Ice Cream from Momofuku Milk Bar.

Momofuku Milk Bar Menu Cereal Milk Ice cream

I sent out a meeting request for the trip, making a joke about taking a boating outing. And while our trip didn’t involve any boats, we got caught in such a torrential downpour that some nice toy boats could have floated down 13th street.

The Cereal Milk Ice Cream was not at all what I imagined. I was imaging that it would taste like the remnants of a bowl of sugared cereal, floating brightly colored sugar, and a rabbit in my head being informed that “Trix are for kids!” Instead, it tasted remarkably like Corn Flakes. It was impressive just how much ice cream can actually taste like Corn Flakes. Also, it was served in the most adorable espresso cup.

Compost Cookie
I also had a Compost Cookie (R), because trips to a dessert shop require trying a representative sample of the goods and there are so many places to go on my list of ice cream shops chances are it’ll be a while until I go back. Again, delicious but not what I was expecting for a cookie with pretzels, rice krispys and potato chips. There was so much in there, you couldn’t really taste the individual crunchiness.

Eventually, the rain stopped and with it the delightful discovery that you pass 249 1/2 13th Street on the way back to the L.

Door 249 1/2With fun instagram effects!

I didn’t know that you could have halves, but my new goal in life, after winning the lottery and adopting a life of leisure, is to have a “half” address.

*The power to make things happen with your mind does not have a snappy one-word name. Get on that people who make up the names of super powers.

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