Humphry Slocombe and a Vacation of Epic Proportions

Normally, when I disappear from blogging, it’s just because I’m lazy. But this time, I have a far more interesting story! I was on an epic West Coast vacation for two weeks. I started in Seattle (or well, actually Everett), then went to Portland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Cambria, before ending in LA.

When I left, I was idly thinking that I would go to an ice cream shop in every city. That didn’t happen. Instead, I only managed to get ice cream once.

Ice Cream Cone from Humphry Slocombe

My one ice cream shop stop was Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco.

Humphry Slocombe Sign

I made the mistake of going at night, so all my pictures are dark, and they were already sold out of a lot of flavors (like Royal Wedding).

Humphry Slocombe Outside

There was a line out the door, which I gather is a frequent occurrence, which also probably explains the surliness of the person working there. But the ice cream was so good, that I’m willing to forgive that.

Humphry Slocombe Inside

Even being down a lot of flavors there were so many to choose from I had to try McEvoy Olive Oil and Harvey Milk + Honey Grahm. I already knew I was getting Secret Breakfast after chatting about it with the people waiting in front of me.

Ice Cream Flavors at Humphry Slocombe   Secret Breakfast

I got Harvey Milk + Honey Grahm and Secret Breakfast. Secret Breakfast was deliciously bourbon-y. Harvey Milk + Honey Grahm is what I think cereal milk ice cream is supposed to taste like, creamy and deliciously sweet.

Even though I only managed to get ice cream once, there were plenty of non-ice cream deliciousness on my trip.

Portland Food Carts
Portland Food Carts 1  
Portland Food Carts 2

Portland Food Cart 3   Mexican Sandwich

Voodoo Doughnut
Voodoo Donught Sign   Voodoo Doughnuts Inside

Voodoo Donught Case   Doughnut

Fisherman’s Warf
Wine Tasting   Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl

But what does it mean?
Double Rainbow
(I didn’t actually eat here.)

Taqueria Cancun
Taqueria Cancun

Cafe Brasil
Cafe Brasil
   Acai Berry Smoothie
I also got huevos rancheros here that I totally forgot to take a picture of. This was probably my favorite sit-down restaurant of the whole trip.

Hearst Castle
Heast Castle Pulled Beef

The Hearst Castle concession stand sells family raised Hearst beef.

Brite Spot
   Red Velvet Cupcake

Brite Spot Desserts

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica   Fruit Cup

In n Out Sign   In n Out

And that was my vacation. Now that it’s really ice cream season, I’ll be making a concerted effort to post more. So check back next week for more delicious goodness.

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