Breakfast is Brainfood: Attempting Fruit Loop Ice Cream

After reading all about the cereal milk ice cream at Momofuko Milk Bar, I was inspired to try to make cereal milk ice cream myself.

Fruit Loop Ice Cream

And, much like eating breakfast makes you smarter, making breakfast cereal ice cream without a recipe has taught me that I should stick to following recipes. For my second attempt at recipe-less ice cream, it’s not bad. But, it’s not as sweet as I would have liked and a little too icy.

(I have since learned that the secret ingredient is milk powder.)

That said, it makes for some beautiful pictures.

Fruit Loop Ice Cream
Makes about 1.5 Quarts
Fruit Loop Ice Cream close-up

Fruit Loop Ice Cream Ingredients

A box of fruit loops
1 and a half cups Heavy Cream
2 cups Milk (or so)
6 Egg Yolks (or so)
A pinch of Salt

1. Soak ~3 cups of Fruit Loops in 1.5 cups of milk in the fridge overnight.
Cereal and Milk

2. Put bowl with heavy cream in an ice bath.
3. Whisk the egg yolks. I started with six, but they were tiny organic eggs that I was guilted into buying by a dude at the grocery store, and it didn’t look like enough so I added two more (for a total of eight).
4. Strain the cereal out of the milk. Put the milk in a saucepan. Add another bit of cereal and about another half a cup of milk. Heat over low heat.
Fruit Loops on Stove

5. When the milk is warm, pour about half of it into the eggs, whisking as you pour.
6. Pour the egg mixture back into the saucepan and put back on low heat for about 6 minutes, stirring so that you scrape the bottom the whole time.
7. Pour the milk and egg mixture through a sieve into the heavy cream. Add a pinch of salt and let cool (in the fridge).
Cereal Milk Custard Ice Bath

8. Freeze according to the instructions of your ice cream maker. You can stir in some more Fruit Loops at the end of churning, but I don’t recommend it, as they get soggy.
9. Eat! I had mine at work for a co-worker’s birthday.

Fruit Loop Ice Cream with Birthday Candle

Because when a co-worker sends out an e-mail defining your last name as:


1. improved upon dramatically
2. raised up above normal levels
3. raised to a higher intellectual, spiritual, or just plain badass level

they earn themselves all the birthday ice cream in the world.

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2 Responses to Breakfast is Brainfood: Attempting Fruit Loop Ice Cream

  1. Eric says:

    Carly -verb

    1. To be an unusually nice and caring person
    2. To transform oneself into a car and drive away really fast
    3. To have a freakishly large knowledge of YA literature and celebrity news and/or gossip

    My birthday is in May…

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