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Reasons to Smile

I wasn’t going to post anything today because if life were Sesame Street, the month of January would be brought to you by¬† the word “overwhelmed.” Then, mother nature gave us a snow day. I never realized just how many … Continue reading

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30 for 30 Conclusion: In Which I Disagree with Blockbuster Commercials

In Blockbuster’s latest commercials they claim to be better than Netflix and Redbox, because on those services you need to wait 28 days for new releases to become availabe. According to Blockbuster, that is just way too long. I respectfully … Continue reading

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She blinded me with (GELATO) science

Check out that Cookies and Cream Gelato! Or, at least I think it’s gelato. It’s an original recipe, based off of a gelato recipe, but it’s hard to say whether it’s gelato or ice cream for sure. Do you know … Continue reading

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