“Was it life changing?”

Someone asked me that about Jeni’s Ice Cream the other day. At that point, I think I said I hadn’t tried them yet. Or possibly that I’d only tried the Sweet Potato with Marshmallow, which was delicious but certainly not life changing. It actually tasted a lot like the pumpkin ice cream I made last year, before I started obsessively taking pictures of the ice cream I make for this blog. This might be psychosomatic, as I once read that most canned pumpkin pie filling is largely made of yams.

Then I tried the chocolate ice cream.

Jeni's Chocolate Ice Cream in a Mug

It was life changing.

I don’t really like chocolate ice cream. I’d rather have some other type of ice cream with chocolate chips or brownies bites or chocolate fudge or chocolate swirl or chocolate chunks or. . . you get the point.

This chocolate ice cream is incredible.

It has layers, like wine (or ogres!). The ice cream tastes chocolaty, but it’s not artificially sweet. It has a “tangy, fruity character.” (The description of which I stole straight from Jeni’s website, because despite taking a wine class my ability to describe undertone flavors extends to “good.”)

It might have something to do with the Askinosie Chocolate, which is made via a ridiculous 70 step process which I’m not even going to attempt to summarize. Or it could be the homemade-ness (I liked my homemade chocolate ice cream too).

Jeni's Chocolate Ice Cream

Either way, my life is changed.

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3 Responses to “Was it life changing?”

  1. Hands-down, Askinosie makes the finest chocolate in the country. Perfect match for our single-origin milk and cream. Enjoy!

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