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Prelude to a New Year’s Party

I had a minor heart attack while making Cookies and Cream Gelato on Wednesday night for our New Year’s Party. I went to check on the churning gelato when it should have been done, and my ice cream maker had … Continue reading

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“Was it life changing?”

Someone asked me that about Jeni’s Ice Cream the other day. At that point, I think I said I hadn’t tried them yet. Or possibly that I’d only tried the Sweet Potato with Marshmallow, which was delicious but certainly not … Continue reading

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Not only delicious, but award-winning too!

Out of all these desserts: (And more!), I won third place in my office holiday bake-off. (For the curious, 3rd Prize is a Starbucks gift card of undetermined amount.) The winning flavors were Salted-Caramel with Brownie Bits and Chocolate.

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Best! Present! Ever!

My brother, Neil, and I haven’t exchanged Hanukkah gifts in a really long time because he was poor college student. But now that he (sort of) graduated and (sort of) has a job, we figured this is as good a … Continue reading

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Today’s Post. . .

Coming Tomorrow

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What do you call cheese that’s not your own?

Nacho Cheese! And this is not my photo. . . . . . But it sure is pretty. (Photo via.) And this is a song called “Ice Cream” by New Young Pony Club:

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