Why was six afraid of seven?

Because seven ate nine! (Ba-dum-chah!)

And yes, I broke up my outfit posts specifically so I could lead with that joke.

30 for 30 Day Six: Saturday 11/13

30 for 30 Day 6

30 for 30 items:
Topshop Red and Blue Plaid Shirt
Express Straight-leg Jeans
Aldo Cowboy Boots

30 for 30 Rose EarringsRose Earrings from Brooklyn Flea (same vendor that I don’t remember as the squiggle earrings)
Same Bow Necklace as 11/12
Red Belt from a little cheap store on Broadway a little north of Houston

I went to the Cornell/Columbia football game on Saturday to cheer on my favorite marching band (Cornell’s, duh). I figured I’d need to bundle up in coats and hats and scarves. Global warming keeps messing with my more exciting outfit plans. It’s mid-November; it shouldn’t be mid-60s in NYC.

30 for 30 Day Seven: Sunday 11/14

30 for 30 Day 7

30 for 30 items:
Uniqlo Blue Turtleneck
Urban Outfitters Black Skinny-leg Jeans
Payless Black Flats

Maple Seed Necklace from street vendor
Magenta Hat from Macy’s
Black Gloves from H&M
My sole trip to the outside world was to buy groceries on Sunday. The weather continued to be indecisive about being fall.

30 for 30 Day Eight: Monday 11/15

30 for 30 Day 8

30 for 30 items:
Urban Outfitters Purple Peacock T-shirt
Express Black Blazer
Express Black Dress Pants
Nine West Black Kitten Heels

30 for 30 Charm NecklaceCharm Necklace from street vendor

I feel like I must have worn earrings with this outfit, but I don’t remember and I can’t from the life of me tell from these photos.




I had a jacket that I thought I could do something like this with but when I put the outfit on, it just did not work. Then, I was running late so I threw on this blazer.

30 for 30 Day Nine: Tuesday 11/16

30 for 30 Day 9

30 for 30 items:
H&M Black Cowl-neck Sweater
Express Straight-leg Jeans
Nordstrom Ugg Sweater Boots

30 for 30 Arizona Earrings30 for 30 Teal BraceletEarrings from Arizona, brought back by my parents when my brother was looking at college out there.
Bracelet is a hand-me-down from my mom.



It was probably not cold enough for this outfit yet yesterday, but I am tired of this Indian summer, so I broke out the sweater anyway.

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One Response to Why was six afraid of seven?

  1. meredith says:

    i love that necklace. it’s so unique/cool. love!

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