Tues Day Two To Fri Day Five

30 for 30 Day Two: Tuesday 11/9

30 for 30 Day2
30 for 30 Oui & Non Earrings

30 for 30 Items:
Topshop Floral Tunic Dress
Urban Outfitters Black Skinny-leg Jeans
Nordstrom Frye Boots

Anthropologie Belt
Oui & Non Earrings from a vendor I don’t remember at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair

I love this outfit in the photo. All day while wearing I felt weird because the tunic is too long to be a top but too short to be a dress. Sometimes it sucks to be tall.

30 for 30 Day Three: Wednesday 11/10

30 for 30 Day3

30 for 30 items:
H&M Striped Sweater
Nordstrom Boyfriend Blazer
Nordstrom Rack Seven Jeans
Payless Black Flats

Blue Bead Necklace from a NYC Street Vendor
Belt (which you can’t really see in the pictures) from Old Navy
Socks from Old Navy (I think)

It took exactly two days to realize I had way too many pants and not enough tops in my challenge wardrobe, so I swapped in this sweater Tuesday night.

30 for 30 Day Four: Thursday 11/12

30 for 30 Day4

30 for 30 items:
Uniqlo Black Long Sleeve V-neck
Nordstrom Rack White Lace-trimmed Tank Top
Nordstrom Black and White Pencil Skirt
Nine West Black Kitten Heels

Gold/Orange Antique-y Necklace (was my Grandmother’s)
Yellow Tights from American Apparel

I bought these tights Saturday night in an ‘OMG! No shopping for a month!” panic.

30 for 30 Day Five: Friday 11/12

30 for 30 Day5

30 for 30 items:
Topshop Magenta and Navy Stripped Sweater Dress
Aldo Cowboy Boots

Cableknit Black Tights from Target
Bow Necklace from So Good Jewelery
Squiggle Earrings from the Brooklyn Flea (I don’t remember which vendor)

I had a super lazy Friday, and this is pretty much how I always wear this dress.

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4 Responses to Tues Day Two To Fri Day Five

  1. Terri says:

    Hi, fellow remixer here. I really like the little French earrings you wore today. I haven’t tried a tunic over pants yet. How tall are you?

    Best of luck with the remaining challenge!

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