And now for something completely different. . .

This entry isn’t about ice cream (or my apartment, or any other type of dessert).

It’s about fashion. And starting this Monday, I’m participating in the 30-for-30 challenge, started by Kendi on The challenge is to wear 30 items of clothing (shoes included) for 30 days, forcing you to re-mix and re-thing what’s in your closet (oh yea, no shopping allowed). And since I have a closet full of clothes of which I would wear the same handful of items the same exact way over and over again if I didn’t force myself not to be lazy and boring, this challenge seems perfect for me.

Hopefully at the end of it, I will have saved some money, found some new awesome outfits in the things I already own, be able to clear out some of the things I know I won’t wear, and be able to more strategically think about what I buy, instead of just shopping because I’ve had a bad day.

So for the next month-ish, you can check in on Mondays (not counting this Monday) to see how I’m doing with this.

I keep changing the 30 items of clothes I want to use for the challenge, but here’s what I’m pretty sure the final item selection will be:

  1. H&M Black Cowl-neck Sweater
  2. Uniqlo Black Long Sleeve V-neck
  3. Uniqlo Blue Turtleneck
  4. American Apparel Turquoise V-neck T-shirt
  5. Urban Outfitters Purple Peacock T-shirt
  6. Nordstrom Rack White Lace-trimmed Tank Top
  7. Nordstrom Silk Ruffled Blouse
  8. Topshop Red and Blue Plaid Shirt
  9. Nordstrom Purple Cardigan Sweater
  10. Nordstrom Magenta and Orange Floral Cardigan Sweater
  11. Nordstrom Faux-Fur Vest
  12. Express Black Blazer
  13. Nordstrom Boyfriend Blazer
  14. Nordstrom Kenneth Cole Blue Blazer/Jacket Nordstrom Green V-Neck Sweater
  15. Anthropologie Giant Orange Sweater Dress
  16. Topshop Magenta and Navy Stripped Sweater Dress
  17. Topshop Floral Tunic Dress
  18. Express Blue Pinstriped Pencil Skirt
  19. Nordstrom Black and White Pencil Skirt
  20. Express Black Dress Pants
  21. Nordstrom Rack Lucky Brand Wide-leg Jeans H&M Striped Sweater
  22. Nordstrom Black Dress Pants
  23. Urban Outfitters Black Skinny-leg Jeans
  24. Nordstrom Rack Seven Jeans
  25. Express Straight-leg Jeans
  26. Nordstrom Ugg Sweater Boots
  27. Aldo Cowboy Boots
  28. Nordstrom Frye Boots
  29. Nine West Black Kitten Heels
  30. Payless Black Flats

(Things we’ve learned from this: Almost my whole wardrobe comes from Nordstrom.)

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4 Responses to And now for something completely different. . .

  1. Lisa says:

    hello fellow 30 for 30 remixer! good luck, i look forward to following your mixes! 🙂

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