The Quickest Way to Clean Out Your Freezer*

Ice Cream E-mail
E-mail Reads:
Hi All,
I brought in an assortment of homemade ice cream. They are in the top section of the freezer. Feel free to help yourself whenever you feel like a snack. I have an ice cream scoop at my desk if you need it.

I had a really horrible problem recently. My freezer was so full from a back-log of ice cream, that there was no room for me to make any more. So, I packed it all up in a freezer bag, brought it to work, and sent out the above email.

With my freezer emptied and organized, the next ice cream related thing to tackle is this blog. To date, I’ve been posting haphazardly, whenever I can. But that will be no more. From here on in, you can expect new ice cream goodness on a reliable schedule; I will be posting a new blog entry every Friday. So, whether you add me to your blog reader or make a mental note to come back (or just continue to click on the link when I post about blogging on Facebook) don’t forget to check in every week for more fabulous Friday deliciousness.

Now, if only cleaning the rest of my apartment were this easy.


*Assuming your freezer is filled with ice cream.

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