Rules to Live By: Never take the G.

It’s sad when good things are only accessible via the G. Because as of this weekend, I am done with the G.

My Wine Cellar Sorbet Groupon was expiring at the end of the month. So, I decided yesterday was the day I was using it.

I was running errands in the city, and Google maps told me that I could take the L to the G and it would be right there. I took the L into Williamsburg with no problems. And then, the G isn’t running. Just like the last two times I’ve tried to take it. When trains aren’t running they’re replaced by shuttle buses that take at least three times as long to get around. Luckily, when I got off the L, there was a shuttle bus right there that I hopped onto. Wine Cellar Sorbet was two stops on the G. I go two stops on the bus, and I don’t think I’m at the right place, but I get off the bus anyway.

I made one crucial mistake. I didn’t make sure the bus was going the right way. Now, I am in a really sketchy neighborhood. And! I don’t seem to have my phone.

I got back on a bus going the other way, and a million years later I finally get to where I meant to be. I was expecting Wine Cellar Sorbet to be a store-front, but it’s actually a guy with an ice cream cart at their warehouse, down the block from a church for rent in one direction and the waterfront in the other. It was really pretty, but I was so frustrated that I didn’t get there until the time I wanted to get home that I totally forgot to take pictures.

The dude who was running the shindig was really nice (but I totally don’t remember his name). Two other girls were there at the same time as me, and the dude told us the whole story about how he and his two friends started the company. Originally they were going to open a wine bar/restaurant in the neighborhood. They did all the planning, started looking for places, and they even drew up the menu. On the menu was wine sorbets, and the dude and his non-chef friend were wowed. They asked their chef friend if he could really make it. Chef friend whipped up a batch, and when the other two guys tried it they decided right then and their to scrap the restaurant — wine sorbet would be their new business.

At the tasting, we got to try all but one of their flavors: Champagne, Riesling, Rose, Pinot Noir, Port, Cabernet Sovingion, Sangria, and Mimosa. They were all really delicious and they all really tasted like the wine they were made from, which makes sense because only the Sangria and Mimosa have juice added. Perhaps more surprisingly, they were all really creamy even though they have no dairy. Whereas I would never choose a fruit sorbet over ice cream, these make a perfectly acceptable ice cream substitute.

Wine Cellar Sorbet Pints

The Groupon was for two pints. I went with my two favorites: Champagne, which suprised me as I haven’t enjoyed drinking champagne since an unfortunate junior year Slope Day situation, and Pinot Noir. Buying directly from the company, I was able to get the alcoholic versions (up to 5% alcohol by volume). So, I will report back once I try them. Especially as in the future I will only be purchasing the non-alcoholic versions available at Whole Foods and assorted other supermarkets accessable by subway lines other than G.

Wine Cellar Sorbet Flier

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