Celebrating Sarah’s Birthday with Johnnie Walker Black Label… Ice Cream

It’s true, I’m obsessed with homemade ice cream. But, that doesn’t stop me from loving Ben & Jerry’s or ordering the a la mode dessert option at restaurants simply because they come a la mode.

So, I was super excited when the itinerary for Sarah of Sarahindie’s birthday party included a trip to Cones in the West Village.

Now, I know the point of an ice cream shop is the ice cream, but I have to start with the decor for this one. It was terrible. Cones is the dive-y-est dive ice cream shop I’ve ever seen. We were there at night, and it was dark and dingy inside. Most of the light inside came from a wall decorated with bad, back-lit stock photos of ice cream. It reminded me of the light-up pizza photos at the truck stop we used to stop at driving up to my college. It’s a good thing I went to Cones as part of a party, because I would have never gone in, just passing it on the street.

Which would have been a shame, because I would have missed out on some freaking awesome, boozy ice cream.


Cones NYC sign

Cones: delicious artisan ice cream and the some really terrible decor.


Cones has all the regular, standard flavors, plus a special, seasonal flavor. This season it’s Johnnie Walker Black Label. Complete with this awesome sign:

Johnnie Walker Ice Cream sign

I couldn’t not try it. But I didn’t want to get super-expensive ice cream I wasn’t sure I would like. So I went with the $1 sample.


Johnnie Walker Ice Cream sample

Johnnie Walker ice cream sample picture fail. It is really hard to take a picture of something you are holding.


It was delicious. It was equally creamy, sweet and boozy without any of the ‘omg, burning, burning, burning’ aftertaste I associate with drinking non-beer or wine or fruity mixed drinks (although that might be because almost all my experiences with drinking straight alcohol have been doing shots of dubious quality at sketchy house parties in college). It was so good, I wanted to order a whole cone of it. But my wallet didn’t want to pay for a double-the-regular-cost ice cream, plus a sample.

Instead, I stuck with the theme and got Zabaione, which the guy at Cones described as “made with white wine” and wikipedia tells me is “an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar [and] a sweet wine (usually Marsala wine, but sometimes Prosecco).”

Zabaione Ice Cream

Again, super delicious.

So, I would recommend the ice cream at Cones. But get your ice cream to go, because it’s not someplace you’ll want to sit and linger.

And, I’ll end where it started, wishing Sarah a very happy (at this point much belated) birthday.

(If you’re not already sold on the alcoholic ice cream concept, well, 1) why the hell aren’t you?, but 2) I’m a little bit in love with this review of it on Yelp. It hits the nail on the head of why it’s so insanely perfect.)

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