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Pistachio Ice Cream: A Birthday Story

Monday was my birthday. On Sunday, I went to my favorite aspirational cooking store (Sur La Table) and bought myself a teeny-tiny Cuisinart Food Processor as a present. Isn’t it adorable? I didn’t quite get around to making the ice … Continue reading

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Kitchen: UPGRADE! Guinness Ice Cream: UPGRADE!

You’d think it would be easy to find a video on youtube of the personalities on Best Week Ever declaring things “UPGRADE!” You’d be wrong. But I’m moved into my new apartment. And it totally deserves a bunch of comedians … Continue reading

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The BKLYN Part

There’s been a lot of talk of ice cream around these parts, but no mention of the BKLYN part of this blog’s title. But that’s all changing today. At the beginning of the month, I moved into a totally awesome … Continue reading

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My First Groupon Purchase: Wine Cellar Sorbets

Today’s Brooklyn Groupon is for Wine Cellar Sorbet. I get Groupon emails every day, and never buy anything. But the previous deliciousness of alcoholic ice cream inspired me to buy it. You can get some for yourself at And, … Continue reading

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Celebrating Sarah’s Birthday with Johnnie Walker Black Label… Ice Cream

It’s true, I’m obsessed with homemade ice cream. But, that doesn’t stop me from loving Ben & Jerry’s or ordering the a la mode dessert option at restaurants simply because they come a la mode. So, I was super excited … Continue reading

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