Fondue & White Collar: Non-Ice Cream Deliciousness

Sometime, delicious days have nothing to do with ice-cream consumption. A week ago Tuesday after work, I went out for fondue with some awesome co-workers at The Bourgeois Pig. And while no ice-cream was involved, it was super yummy.


Photo taken by Nancy, on my camera

Pictured above is the dessert fondue — dark chocolate and dulce de leche separated by a wall of cake. More foods should be served with a wall of cake. Not pictured are the muscles and cheese fondues we devoured before anyone could think to take pictures of them.

What I did stop to take pictures of that day was where they were filming White Collar by the Mulberry Street Library (although I forgot I had my camera in my bag and therefore just have crappy Blackberry camera pictures). Because sometimes eye-candy is the most delicious candy there is.

Filming White Collar

The stunt team’s van, Matt Bomer running out of the alley, Tim DeKay waving at me and the other girl taking pictures, Tim DeKay in a gun holster (!)

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